The Bellevue Association of Educational Office Professionals (BAEOP) believes continuing education is essential  to the professional growth of educational office  professionals and support staff.  

Learning opportunities are provided through membership meetings and workshops.  

The Washington Association of Educational  Office Professionals (WAEOP) also provides continuing education opportunities through an annual conference, institute and area PDP (Professional Development Programs). Check our calendar for more details.
The annual WAEOP conference is held each spring and the institute is held each fall.  The two-day conference is loaded with classes, annual business meeting, awards, scholarships, keynote speakers, and installation of officers.


The fall WAEOP Institute offers attendees an opportunity to complete 15 hours (toward a 30 hour educational course ) on a topic specifically selected to enhance the skills of educational office professionals. 
BAEOP usually hosts several training opportunities each year for it’s members. Contact a BAEOP board member to discuss upcoming workshop. 

Professional Development Program (PDP)  workshops are held throughout the year in various areas of the state.  

PDP workshops are hosted by WAEOP area directors or designee and are usually held on Saturdays.  PDP workshops may be half day or full day in length and cover a variety of subjects.  

Leadership Training is usually held annually in the  fall.  This day of training focuses on leadership skills and is held in various locations.  

The Professional Standards Program (PSP)  

is the only nationally recognized certification program for educational office professionals.

For years, the state of Washington has led the nation in the number of PSP certificates achieved by its members.


In order to be eligible for PSP certification,  you must be a member of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP).  

Additionally, membership in local and state education-based associations is encouraged by NAEOP as a means to continue to learn and grow.   

Click here to download BAEOP brochure.