Professional Stardards Program

BAEOP members are encouraged to continue to grow professionally and personally, by attending workshops, conferences and/or other continuing education classes. 

The NAEOP's Professional Standards Program (PSP) Certificate rewards professional growth by adding money to your regular paycheck. 


BAEOP members achieve recognition through the PSP program, which is a professional development certification program designed for classified employees working within an educational environment as office personnel or support staff.  In the Bellevue School District, BAEOP members are able to attain one or more levels of certification and receive compensation for their achievements.


We are willing to help anyone interested in obtaining their PSP certificate. Paula Jo Brave, our PSP Committee Chair, will be happy to help you walk through the process.


The best place to start your PSP process is to join both the Washington AEOP and the National AEOP. The membership will count towards the PSP certificate. Addtionally, WAEOP and NAEOP organizations excellent educational and networking opportunities.

Interesting to note that the PSP program was officially adopted at  1956 NAEOP Annual Conference in Los Angeles.


Since its creation, more than 12,000 office professionals have earned their PSP certificate. 


The Professional Standards Program is a multi-level program based on work experience, education, inservice training, professional activities and professional memberships.


The Professional Standards Program is endorsed by: 


American Association of School Superintendents

Association of School Business Officials

National Association of State Directors of Adult Education

National Association of Elementary School Principals


National Association of Secondary School Principals


National School Boards Association

PSP Documents