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Educational Office Professional of the Year

Click on the link below to nominate a member for the BAEOP Educational Office Professional of the Year award. Candidates are those members who display exceptional professionalism while performing their daily activities in a supportive team environment. 

Educational Office Professional of the Year
Nomination Form

Prior Recipients

2007       Paula Jo Brave, CEOE 
2008       Karen Penewell, CEOE

2009       Rocky Harvey

2010       Christina Large

2011       Charlene Jones, CEOE

2012       Marty Ediger

2013       Suzanne Murphy

2014       Debra Andrews

2015       Barbara Ghaffari

2016       Charlene Jones, CEOE

2017      Wendy Woodard 

2018       Wendy Woodard 

2019       Liz VandenBerghe

2020       Torry Gower

2021       Barbra Lovern

2022       Rebecca Thorton

Certificated Educator

of the Year Award

This award goes to the Administrator or Teacher who works with and supports BAEOP members. They have displayed excellent achievements in manner in which they do their job and support their staff. Click on the link below to make your nomination

Certificated Educator of the Year

Nomination Form


Prior Recipients

2007    Q. Estelle Collins

2008    Spencer Welch

2009    Glenn Hasslinger

2011    Mike Peavey

2012    Mark Hazen

2013    Heather Edlund

2014    Kelly Clevenger

2015    Maria Frieboes

2016    Patrick McDonald

2017    Dr. Tim Mills

2018    Jeff Thomas

2020    Melissa deVita

2021    Erin Stedman

2022    James Peterson

For more information contact:

BAEOP Awards Chair

Christy Minteer


GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Award

This award is presented to members who do their best to improve their skills and demonstrate professionalism, while working with others in a supportive team environment. Click the link below to make your nomination. 

GEM Award

Nomination Form

Prior Recipients

2008    Debi Hitchcock, Para Educator
            Jackie Wheeler, Para Educator
            Theckla Roginski, Tech Specialist

2009    Soheila  Mousavi-Hesari, Instructional Asst 
            Pam Steele, Para Educator

2010    Mary Ann Dawson, Para Educator

2011    Paula Currier, Para Educator
            Sandi Ivie, Para Educator

2012    Kathy Tsuchiyama, Library Specialist

2013    Mary Sangalang, Tech Specialist
            Sandy Patterson, Center Manager ELP

2014    Diana Wasson, Para Educator

2015    Theckla Roginski, Tech Specialist
            Cheryl Schumacher, Instructional Assistant
             Jessy Xavier, Educational Assistant, ELP

2016    Cammie Zielinski, Para Educator

2017    Anna Mattson, ELP Center Manager
            Paula DeChant, Educational Assistant 
            Valerie Stoury, Family Support Specialist
            Susan Hughes, Para Educator
            Susan Nelson-Hecht, Library Specialist
            Carol Woody, Para Educator

2018    Tina Kliff
            Faith Yeung

2019    Jennifer Stapleton (GEM-ELP)
            Jennifer Craig Leslie (GEM-SPED)

2020    Chris Kim (GEM ELP)

            Mary Chu (GEM SPED)

            Paula Jo Brave (GEM OSS)


2021    Hsiao Fu (GEM BOOST)

            Rose Hazely (GEM BOOST)

            Sissi Kamalii (GEM BOOST) 

            Chris S Kim (GEM BOOST)

            Brenda Mandujano (GEM BOOST)

            Soheila Mousavi-Hesary (GEM BOOST)

            Chisaki Niyama (GEM BOOST)

            Fathama Salay (GEM BOOST)

            Lirio Silva (GEM BOOST)

            Vilma Soreno (GEM BOOST)

            Lisa Wood (GEM BOOST)

2022    Suzanne Lee (GEM/Primary)

             Ruba Oweis (GEM/Secondary)

             Ingrid Aldana (GEM/OSS)

Special Service Award 

The BAEOP Special Service Award is awarded in recognition of members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the BAEOP organization through service and leadership. Click on the link below to make your nomination.


Special Service Award

Nomination Form


Prior Recipients

2007    Linda Porter

2012    Paula Jo Brave, CEOE

2014    Paula Jo Brave, CEOE

2015    Sandy Patterson

2018    Paula Jo Brave, CEOE
            Debi Varga

2019    Christy Minteer, CEOE

2020    Charlene Jones, CEOE

2021    Gwen Pazan

2022    Suzanne Murphy

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